90 Days With Jesus

We believe God wants to do something special in our church during this difficult time. 90 Days with Jesus is an opportunity for all of us to prioritize our relationship with God and each other. Through shared Bible reading, spiritual conversations, devotionals, and worship, we want to partner together in our walk with Jesus Christ. We challenge you to make space in your life to see God work in special way over the next 90 days!

Click the photo above to get the full list of Weekly Reading Plan. If you are doing the Scripture readings in John as a family or with other people and would like to discuss what you just read, you can go through this question: What stood out to you in this passage and why?

Click the photo above to get a copy of the Weekly Devotionals.

Click the photo above to listen to the Sunday Sermon.

Click the photo above to join the Wednesday Zoom Gathering. Meeting ID: 641 312 7525

To help you & your partner with your conversation, here are a few questions you can use during your discussion.

  1. How are you feeling this week?

  2. What challenges are you facing?

  3. Where do you see God working in your life or using you?

  4. What is one thing that stood out to you in this week’s reading?

  5. How can I pray for you?

90 Days With Jesus Commitment

  1. Join the church family in reading through the Gospel of John  (reading schedule provided)
  2. Have a weekly spiritual conversation with someone in our church family (either through our Wednesday night prayer gathering or the church will provide you a partner).
  3. Join the church family in watching each Sunday worship service
  4. As your schedule allows, participate in serving the community through our Grace in Action Sunday in July (Date TBD)

"Grace In Action" Sunday!

Join us in July for "Grace In Action" Sunday as we serve our community. More information coming up soon.