What is FORMUS?

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Because real discipleship always happens in community, FORMUS is about sharing life with others around the teachings of Jesus. These relationships, when they are authentic and real, will allow life application of Scripture. Ultimately, our spiritual growth should be measured by how we express God's love to those we know best. "And as we live in God, our love grows more perfect." 1 John 4:16-17



Grace Church is committed to connecting people through small groups and relational gatherings. We believe it is impossible for us to reach our goal of Following Jesus Together during our Sunday services alone. This is where our relational gatherings come in. Whether in Sermon Discussion Groups, Men's & Women's Gatherings, Small Groups or Bible Studies, each is focused on connecting us in an atmosphere that's conducive to having meaningful conversations that go beyond the surface.


The goal of FORMUS is to provide 1-on-1 spiritual mentoring so that each person moves toward spiritual maturity by living out God's values and purposes in their daily life. We believe that Jesus came to give each of His followers abundant, overflowing, victorious life. Through a process of studying God's Word, learning to pray, accountability, and fellowship... FORMUS provides the tools needed to experience a life of spiritual transformation.


SLT is a 6-month cohort that involves teaching, personal reflection, conversation, and relationship as we focus on three key areas: Knowing Yourself, Knowing God, and Helping Others. SLT provides the foundation for how we equip leaders and the approach we take to helping others grow spiritually at Grace Church. Each cohort is led by Pastor Josh and Cecil Wroten.

"FORMUS has not only allowed me to grow spiritually, but I gained a mentor that I now call my friend. I am given a different perspective on how to handle my struggles because of our conversations. It's transformed my life and my spouse's life and made our marriage stronger because we now put God at the center of our relationship."

— FORMUS participant

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