Next Generation Churches

Next Generation Churches is an association of churches serving throughout Northern California and Nevada.  Our vision is missional churches, networked together, transforming lives in our region and beyond, with the grace and truth of Jesus Christ.



Fremont, CA

CitiyServe is a partnership of over 70 local churches that work together for the good of our community. We exist to be a catalyst for prayer, evangelism, and community ministries in Fremont, Newark and Union City.

WEBSITE: CityServe

Compassion Network
Fremont, CA

We are a Christian faith-based, non-profit volunteer network and clearing-house specifically serving Fremont, Union City and Newark residents with various needs. We have personally served over 21,000 people in need representing all faiths, economic and ethnic groups. We average successfully completing over 33,000 need requests per year.

WEBSITE: Compassion Network

Jesse, Tiffany, Joshua, Owen and Ian Shank
Togo, Africa

Click the link below to read more about the Shanks Family and the Oikos School for Church Planting.

The Shanks Family 

Oikos School



Core Values:
Caring. Compassionate. Honest.

Purpose Statement:
Our purpose is to ensure that women, men, students, and families have a safe place to turn when facing pregnancy decisions, making sexual health choices, and seeking emotional healing from pregnancy loss, abortion or miscarriage.

Our Services:
We are licensed community care clinics providing consultations on abortion, adoption, and parenting. We provide pregnancy tests, ultrasound exams, prenatal care, STD testing and treatment, abortion pill reversal, and other support services. RealOptions does not charge for services, including medical visits and consultations.

WEBSITE: RealOptions

World Venture
Jim & Annie Culp

Primary Ministry:
Equipping Church Leaders to Form Healthy, World-changing Churches

We believe healthy, equipped leaders form healthy, world-changing churches. For that purpose, we are serving the Church of Jesus Christ in Mexico and throughout Latin America. We currently are serving nearly 500 pastors, missionaries and church leaders from over 80 ministries through Seminario del Oeste. We serve the church and believe that multiplication of the church and of leaders is key to the advancement of the gospel in Latin America and our world. We currently serve in 4 states in Mexico, 3 provinces in Cuba and in Iquitos, Peru.

Website: Seminario Del Oeste

Sensitive Global Areas

Grace Church actively supports missionaries in global areas where public proclamation of the Gospel is either restricted or prohibited. Due to the tenuous political and religious climate of these areas, we are unable to show pictures or give details about these missionaries. We encourage you to pray regularly for these men and women who are making a significant impact for God's Kingdom.