Baptism Sunday - 09/18

If you are interested in getting baptized on our next Baptism Sunday, please email us at for more info.


Men's Breakfast - 08/06

Calling all men! You’re invited to a potluck breakfast on Saturday, August 6, from 8:30am-10:00am in Room 6 at Grace Church. It will be a time to hang out, eat food, and grow in Christ together. Sign up below and please indicate what you will be bringing.

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Women's Breakfast Potluck - 08/06

Calling all ladies! You’re invited to a potluck breakfast on Saturday, August 6th at Patti Born's house at 4326 Dorsey Ave. in Fremont from 8:30am-10:00am. It will be a time of food, fellowship, and growing in Christ together.

Please sign up below and indicate what dish you'll be bringing.

Guests are welcome!

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Partnership Class

Learn more about what it means to become a partner at Grace Church. Sign up below to attend the class. Dinner and childcare will be provided. Please indicate the number of adults, and children along with their ages.

Gather Together

Gather Togethers are an opportunity for our entire church family to connect outside of the Sunday services. Each gathering provides a time to deepen relationships and grow in our faith over a shared meal.

Safe Parking

Safe Parking is a City of Fremont program. It is one part of the city’s attempt to move people into permanent housing. It is intended to be transitional. Grace Church is hosting during May, responsible for coordinating all the hospitality. We would like to provide meals twice a week. We want these hospitality events to provide opportunities for relationship building.

Get Connected Gathering

Are you new to Grace Church? Do you want to make new connections, learn more about our church family, and explore serving opportunities? Join us for our next Get Connected Gathering and enjoy an opportunity to ask questions and get to know our pastor, his wife, and other leaders over appetizers and snacks.

Sermon Series: True Contentment

Are you content? Do you feel satisfied? In a recent survey of Americans only 14% said they are very happy. All around us we see the effects of discontent – conflict, anger, greed, materialism, stress. On this 21 day journey we focus on three simple truths in Scripture that can help you experience a deeper level of contentment regardless of your circumstances.

Sermon Discussion Groups

The sermon discussion groups would be for Pastor Josh's three-week sermon series Lessons on Failure from the Life of Peter that is starting 2/20. We will also provide questions for his five-week series in Romans 14 following that as well if you'd like to go longer with your group. The goal of these groups is to build community as well as encouraging and supporting one another to grow in Christ. Sign up below or in the church lobby after service on Sunday.

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Please note, for the online Monday evening group, Chuck will email you login info after you sign up. For the home groups, the leader will email you their address and other info after you sign up.

Romans Sermons Series

Join us this Sunday as Pastor Josh continues preaching through Romans. This part of the series will focus on Romans 14.

Go to our SERMONS page to catch up on the rest of the series.

Calling all ladies! Women's potluck salad bar lunch is a time of food, fellowship, and growing in Christ together. Guests are welcome!

Men's Breakfast

Our Men's Breakfasts are a time to hang out, eat food, and grow in Christ together.

Baptism Sunday

If you are interested in getting baptized on our next Baptism Sunday, please email us at for more info.

New Sermon Series - Overcoming Failures

Failure…what a powerful word. No one wants to fail, and no one wants to be defined as a failure. Yet Scripture, human history, and our personal experiences show us that failure is a part of life. Whether a project at work, a relationship, or the fact that we don’t live up to our own standards, we all fail. Join us for a new sermon series titled Overcoming Failure from the Life of Peter.

Starting Sunday, February 20th

Sermon Series - The State of the Church

As we are all aware the last two years have been stressful, complex, and difficult for most churches and Grace has not been an exception. As we look ahead to 2022 one of the questions we are asking is, how will covid continue to impact the church? Join us on January 16 as Pastor Josh kicks off a five week series discussing the state of Grace Church today but more importantly how we move forward as a church with so much uncertainty.

Christmas Gift for Jesus

Thank you to all those that participated in our Christmas Gift for Jesus offering. This year’s offering will go to support Christmas parties for lepers in India, Compassion Network, Real Options Pregnancy Clinic, and Iglesias Del Oeste.

Christmas Eve Service

Thanks to those who joined us for Christmas Eve on December 24 at 6:00pm for a traditional candlelight service as we remember the birth of Jesus.

Sermon Series - The REAL Christmas

Note: During the Advent Season, Grace Kids will begin the service in the auditorium so that they can participate in the Advent Candle Lighting before being dismissed to children’s ministry.